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Phone Covers in India

Mobile phones are special commodities. This is why care must be taken to protect the exterior of your phone. Using phone covers and cases is an excellent choice in protecting your mobile devices. When you buy mobile covers at Kijubi you are decreasing damage to your phones. The finish of our mobile phones no matter how expensive and durable wear out with time and begin to look less and less attractive. Sometimes, for one reason or another, we don’t want people to know the mobile phone product we are using with one quick guess. These are some reasons why we need a mobile cover. To get the best mobile covers at the best prices, buy your mobile covers at Kijubi.

You can shop for covers of several mobile phone models, some of them listed below:

Oneplus 6 covers

Oneplus 7 covers

Oneplus 7T covers

Samsung A51 covers


Latest Mobile Cover Online Shopping

You can shop for your latest mobile cover online at Kijubi online shopping site. We update our collections frequently in order to make sure you never miss out on the latest trends in mobile covers.

Stylish Mobile Covers Online Shopping In India At Kijubi

Indians are one of the most stylish people in the world. That’s why at Kijubi we provide you with stylish mobile covers through online shopping in India. We make sure we provide you something that will suit your style and express your best fashion statement with your mobile cover.


Buy Funky Phone Covers Online India At Kijubi

Our tastes in mobile covers run from the very simple to the elaborate. That is why even though our mobile phones come with a designated mobile cover, we still want to shop for a mobile cover that will satisfy our specific needs. We have funky phone covers that will express your heart to the world. You can try a bollywood or hollywood themes mobile cover.

Cash On Delivery With No Hidden Charges

At Kijubi online shopping site, shopping for your mobile phone cover is a lot more fun and convenient. That is why we give you the option of cash on delivery with no hidden charges. We can deliver your chosen product at your doorstep and receive a cash payment. This makes it easier for you to shop on behalf of someone who may not have access to the internet. You can also use this option if the other payment options are not convenient for you. However you want to shop, we’ve got you covered at Kijubi.


Buy Fancy Mobile Back Covers Online For Girls  and Boys At Kijubi

At Kijubi only shopping site, you can buy fancy mobile covers for girls and boys. We have a wide collection of fancy mobile covers to impress your friends. Visit our site and make your selection. Your friends will desperately ask you where you bought them.


Wide Range of Designer Phone Covers Online In Latest Designs At Rs.189

At Kijubi online shopping site, we have a wide range of designer phone cases online in the latest designs for as low as Rs.199. We have the best designs and make sure we update them with the market.

Shop for your mobile covers at Kijubi online shopping site for a thrilling and rewarding shopping experience. We know that your choice of a mobile cover is not only dependent on its ability to protect your mobile phone from damages on impact with hard surfaces. You probably also want to use it to constantly remind yourself of something, express a thought or make a fashion statement. You could just want it for its beauty. Whatever reason you have for buying a mobile phone, we have that product that will specifically satisfy your need. At Kijubi, we have different models and products of mobile covers for more than 250 mobile phone covers.

While choosing a mobile cover, our main purpose is to protect our mobile phones from damage but there are other important considerations we must weigh up before making a choice of a mobile cover.

Let’s take a look at some important considerations:

  1. Purpose:

    Yes, you want the mobile cover so you can protect your mobile phone from wears and tears or water but you wouldn’t just order any mobile cover. You need to order a mobile cover that’s specifically designed for your mobile phone. This is because the size, shape, slots, and holes have to be right to fit the phone. They have to be in the right positions for the power button, volume buttons, camera, USB port, and earphone jack, etc.

At Kijubi, we have mobile covers for all your popular mobile phones such as Vivo, iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Huawei, OnePlus, etc.

You would want a mobile cover that gives your mobile phone maximum protection from hard surfaces and water. You could also want a mobile cover that expresses your thoughts and style. That is why in our collection of mobile covers, we have a variety of designs and styles that suit your desires.

We also have mobile covers with pockets that allow you to store your credit cards, ID cards and currency notes. This will come in handy if you do not feel like carrying a handbag or purse. If your mobile phone doubles as your TV screen, we have your favorite designs with an added feature of a backrest. This will allow you to place your mobile phone on the table or bed and watch your favorite TV shows.


  1. Types and materials:

    There are different types of mobile covers to choose from at Kijubi online shopping site. They are chosen to match your desired style and purpose. Some of them are described here:

  • Skins Mobile Covers: These are one of the most common types of mobile covers around. They are usually made of rubber. They are usually slightly elastic and flexible. Skin mobile covers offer a firm grip on your mobile phone. This type of mobile covers allows easy access to the screen of your phone. They offer some protection to the screen of your phone if it falls face-down to the ground since the mobile cover is slightly thicker than the mobile phone.
  • Bumper Mobile Cover: These are thin rubber strips wrapped around the mobile phone, along the edges, with the back and screen of the mobile phone almost fully exposed. This type of mobile cover allows you to enjoy the sleek appearance of your phone. At Kijubi, we have a wide collection of different colors and designs of bumper mobile covers. Come take a peek inside and discover the amazing choices we have available at our online shopping site.
  • Shell Mobile Cover: The shell mobile cover is usually made of hard plastic and is installed at the back of the phone, leaving the screen exposed. It allows you easy access to the screen of your phone. At Kijubi, we have a lot of colors and designs of the shell mobile cover for you to choose from.
  • Holster Mobile Cover: These are usually made of leather. They give your mobile phones 100% protection as they cover every part of the phone. They come with a clip that can be attached to a belt. This mobile cover has a way of bringing out your best professional look. Shop at Kijubi and choose from our collections of natural and synthetic leather holster mobile covers.
  • Flip Mobile Cover: This type of mobile cover is made of leather and covers the back and sides of the mobile phone. It then has a flap that covers the screen. Our collection at Kijubi is of different color combinations and designs.
  • Metal Mobile Cover: These are made of metal. They are usually shiny and are very common in high-end phones like iPhones and Samsung phones. All these types of mobile covers and more are available at Kijubi online shopping site.
  1. Designs:

    At Kijubi, there are thousands of designs for your mobile cover. We have different colors and color combinations for your enjoyment. In our collection, you will also find floral patterns, hearts design, celebrity, superhero designs. We also have political quotes, motivational quotes, feminism, graphic arts, inspirational quotes and a multitude of random designs.

Our collection of 3D design mobile covers look real and captivating.

We also have mobile covers with shapes of your favorite shapes and animals. There are mobile covers with shapes of rabbit ears, mouse, duck shape, ring shape, flower shape, etc. We also have bling mobile covers for that shiny feminine look. All these designs and more are available at our online shopping site. You can also order a customized design for your preferred taste.


  1. Price:

    After you’ve found what you’re looking for, it’s essential that the price be right. This is the final determining factor to whether you’ll go ahead and buy the product.

Visit Kijubi online shopping site today and choose from our multitude of mobile cover collections at great prices. At Kijubi, there is something for everyone.


Providing Best Mobile Covers Since 2012

We are offering mobile covers and cases to our customers since 2012, and have sold over 100,000 pieces till date. At Kijubi, we make your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible. Our site is user-friendly. The site is designed to make it easy for you to find the specific items you’re looking for. The SEARCH box allows you to find your preferred item with one click of a button. This saves you time as you don’t need to sift through too many items to find your desired choice.

The products on Kijubi online shopping site are guaranteed to be of the best quality. We ensure that the products are tested and trusted before displaying them on our site. Hence, while shopping at Kijubi, you can rest easy, knowing that whatever mobile cover you buy is your desired taste and of the best quality.

We also make sure we keep up with the trending mobile covers in the market. You can type that new, trending mobile cover at Kijubi with certainty you’ll find it. We ensure you’re not left behind on what’s new and trending out there.


Visit us on our website and begin life-changing shopping experience.

We have thousands of mobile covers of different varieties and tastes. It doesn’t matter whether you like it flashy or utilitarian, we’ve got many options that will suit your need.

Anywhere you are in India, we offer quick delivery to your location. There are no long waits or delays. Whether you’re in Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Jaipur or Indore, we’ve got you covered. It doesn’t matter where you are in India, we will reach you quickly. We also offer cash on delivery services.

At Kijubi, we know that every Rupee is important. Hence, we ensure that our products are sold at the best prices. Our products have such amazing price tags that make every Rupee spent worth it. There are no hidden or additional costs for delivery.


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