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Oppo Back Covers At Best Prices 

The Oppo phone is a stunning phone that has accumulated fame across all smartphone borders, thanks to its unique and enabling features. But I believe that no phone package is complete without its earpieces, charger, and casing. However, the default covers that come with the Oppo phone are usually dull and boring. But to solve this, kijubi offers you a tone of the stylish and unique design oppo back covers to choose from.

Why should I consider Oppo back covers from Kijubi?

  • They offer sufficient protection. Oppo back covers act as a shock absorber protecting your phone from breaking and especially if the back part of it is made of glass. It also protects against scratches and heat from the sun, among other factors that pose a threat to the condition of your Oppo smartphone.
  • Adds a touch of style and fashion. These oppo and realme back covers come in a variety of designs and artistic drawings/ paintings, making adding a touch of style to your device. Most phones typically have the same design and size, so unless people take a look at the specs, it wouldn’t really stand out. However, when you use the Oppo back cover, you personalize your smartphone and make it stand out whenever you pull it out of your pocket. 
  • Available for all Oppo types. Kijubi offers oppo and realme back covers suitable for every type of Oppo smartphone available. From the latest version down to the oldest model, these phone covers come in all sizes and shapes. Also, because some smartphones carry the same design specifications, you can buy the cover for a different type of smartphone as long as it fits well.
  • Affordable prices. If you were to search online, you’d find art-designed covers going for hundreds of dollars apiece. However, with Kijubi, they come at a very affordable price from as low as ₹199 each. Also, there are discounts that tend to cut the prices off by half giving you an affordable and uniquely designed accessory for your Oppo smartphone.

Details On the Oppo Back Covers

  • Material

The Oppo case is typically made of Impact resistant and highly durable polycarbonate material.

  • Print

It consists of a matte finish Ultra HD lifetime warranty on the print.

  • Product description

These Oppo back cases are light and durable polycarbonate hard cases that are heat and water-resistant. It contains cut-outs for your camera, fingerprint sensor, phone charger, and headphones to be plugged in. There is a 6-month warranty providing protection for your Oppo phone. The design covers the entire outer surface of the phone.

They are molded with no seams nor sharp edges, giving your phone that smooth armor design. The material is of high quality as it doesn’t peel, chip, nor wear off. The Oppo mobile back cover is also slim and impact-resistant, giving your smartphone the ultimate protection it needs.

How do I order Oppo back Cover from Kijubi?

Kijubi is an online retailer that requires you to visit the website to get yourself one of their unique Oppo back covers.

  • All you’d be required to do is click on the type of Oppo smartphone you own and search for the best back cover design that captures your attention.
  • There are thousands of designs and patterns available that are feminine and masculine or even both.
  • Fill in the number of covers you would like to purchase and enter your pin code/location.
  • Once your location has been confirmed, you can proceed to pay for your order and wait for the confirmation.
  • Your case would be delivered to your location in 4 to 5 working days

Is Kijubi Oppo back cover Cheap?

The fact is we aren’t the cheapest nor expensive online Oppos Back case provider. But one thing we are best in is providing quality, fashioned, unique, and durable back covers. Our back covers come with a lifetime print warranty with a 3D look to give it a stylish look. Our Oppo back casings are also the best and unmatched when it comes to quality and the most affordable when it comes to price.

Why Trust Kijubi as my Oppo Back Case provider?

With Kijubi you are guaranteed of the following.

  1. 100% Quality Assured. The products from Kijubi are high-end and extremely durable. It doesn’t chip off nor is it affected by external conditions such as intense heat or sunlight. Even when the phone overheats, the back cover is designed to handle such temperatures.
  2. Customer satisfaction. Kijubi prides itself in having satisfied customers for all its products and consumers who would always return for more back cover designs.
  3. Pay on delivery. If you happen to have a bad history with online retailers, Kijubi offers pay on delivery option for your order. This allows you to only make payment once you verify that your product is legit.

With the right Oppo back casing, you would always have a smile on your face every time you take your phone out of the bag or pocket. No one ever said protection couldn’t come in style, and these covers stand to prove the point.

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