Vivo Mobile Back Cover and Case​

KIJUBI is your trusted resource for the finest of Vivo Mobile covers online in India. 

Vivo Back covers – The accessory that gives your Vivo phones a state-of-the-art looks, matching with its functionality. Your Vivo cover also safeguard your phones against accidental damage, bumps, small water spills, and rainfall. The phone screen stays safe, and so does the body. The phone lasts long and gives you a reliable service.

It frequently happens that when we carry a Smartphone in a handbag, it tends to rub against the miscellaneous contents in the handbag, such as car keys and cosmetics. The back and the screen of your Vivo phone may develop scratches, which affect its aesthetic value or functioning.

Vivo covers available at the KIJUBI keep your Vivo phones safe. You have a range of aesthetic Vivo back covers for your choosing, themed over the latest movies, evergreen cartoon characters, and more. Finding the one that meets your preference is easy. 

Vivo mobile covers available at the KIJUBI are a snug fit and the perfect match for your Vivo phones. Your Vivo phone will never slip out of the cover made possible by the KIJUBI. The covers are easy to install and uninstall.

Investing in a suitable Vivo back cover is an excellent idea

As buyers, we seldom mind spending a reasonable amount over mobile phones. Therefore, one should also invest in a smart mobile cover. This keeps the Smartphone safer and maintains its performance top-notch.

Moreover, using a beautiful cover for the Smartphone also ensures complete peace of mind for a phone user. One would not have to worry about keeping the Smartphone in the same jeans pocket that contains one’s car keys. Similarly, one would not be concerned about carrying the Smartphone in one’s handbag or rucksack.

Vivo covers are available in basic color options such as black and maroon. A selection of beautiful designer choices is also available among the mobile covers. 

Buying Vivo Mobile Back Cover from the KIJUBI is an assurance of quality

Online, one can find a range of vivo back covers. A few of them are made from silicone. 

There are cases wherein the mobile covers are not the best quality. They do not look that great, and they do not safeguard mobile phones as well.

But KIJUBI makes the most beautiful vivo covers available at cheap prices. They ensure proper protection for the phones.

As the covers are made especially for specific models of Vivo phones, they make a perfect fit for the phones. The covers feature entirely dug out holes for cameras, charging points, and microphone jacks. So one can charge the phone, make videos, take photographs or selfies or play music without having to remove the cover iteratively. The phone screen keeps looking as good as new even years down the line.

Find the smartest range of Vivo back covers at Kijubi

KIJUBI makes a range of smart mobile covers available for different models of Vivo phones. Just as an instance, you can find Vivo V9 back coverVivo 11 Pro Back CoverVivo V15 Pro Back Cover, and Vivo S1 Back Cover

For each of the models of Vivo phones, a smart range of covers is available. You’d find lovely covers for Vivo Y66, Vivo Y69, Vivo V3 Max, Vivo V5, Vivo Plus, Vivo V7 Plus, and Vivo V7.

Thematic patterns over the mobile phone covers delight the spirits time and again. There are some techno themed phone covers, some rustic, a few will be a perfect match for your work station, and a few will be exceedingly feminine. These covers are sure to make you come by as stylish and enhance your popularity amongst your friends.

In terms of both price and quality, you can be assured that you find the best deal at KIJUBI. Each of the Vivo mobile covers at KIJUBI is top class.

We make a range of smart mobile covers in polycarbonate material. While having a pleasing appearance, the content is robust and ensures many years of excellent service. Rigorous use will not make the material lose its charm. 

Shopping at KIJUBI is easy

The web store is user friendly, and you can check out in three simple steps. Going for a Vivo phone cover is a worthy investment, and it is preferable to invest in the cover as soon as you buy the phone. You can find lovely covers for your mobile phone, irrespective of the make, model, or brand of your phone.

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